Japan Hong Kong Democracy Alliance

香港とアジア全体での民主主義と人権を守るため、日本香港民主連盟 (JHKDA) のコミュニティに参加しませんか? 登録することで、正義、自由、そして民主主義の価値を支持する運動の重要な一部となります。




Join the Japan Hong Kong Democracy Alliance (JHKDA) community to stand up for democracy and human rights in Hong Kong and across Asia. By signing up, you'll become a vital part of a movement dedicated to advocating for justice, freedom, and the preservation of democratic values.

As an alliance of diverse individuals and organizations, we amplify our voices for change, supporting Hong Kongers and their pursuit of a free and open society. Stay updated with our latest events, advocacy campaigns, and cultural initiatives, uniting with like-minded individuals and communities worldwide.

Your support matters. Together, we can make a difference, speaking out against oppression and ensuring that the voices of those fighting for democracy are heard.

Sign up today and become a part of a global community standing in solidarity with Hong Kong!

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